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HDR Photography April 27, 2010

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Our next project will be to create an HDR image from a series of photographs.

You can practice making an HDR photo from a group of photos of Flathead High School.  When you finish you can have your work featured on the Flathead High School home page. To create an image for the FHS home the dimensions ar 487×675 pixels and is of course 72 pixels per inch.

What is HDR?  Well it stands for High Dynamic Range, and essentially uses a series of digital photos composited together so everything in the photo is in proper exposure.  You can push the color levels, curves and saturation on the different layers to get a hyper-realistic image.

Here are several links to learn more about HDR photography:

Info and how to make your own HDR

Examples of HDR Images

HDR Tutorial with Photoshop 1

HDR Layer Masking Tutorial

You can also search for HDR tutorials on the Web.  If you find a good one share it with the class.


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